LoansJagat Personal Loan: An Honest Review for Customers

LoansJagat Personal Loan: An Honest Review for Customers

With the lending market witnessing the entrance of many loan enablers, LoansJagat has remained a name which offers an excellent platform for the borrowers to choose the lender for personal loans and various other loan products.

Here is an honest review of LoansJagat personal loan so that you can make a wise and calculated decision.


  • Compare and choose the best lender as per your needs and requirements

LoansJagat has a wide network encompassing over 40 key lenders. The borrowers can get access to the offerings of these lenders and based upon their needs and requirements can zero in on the lender. One can compare various aspects of personal loan like –  personal loan interest rate, loan amount offered, EMI, Loan tenure, processing fees and pre-payment charges.

  • Get the best deal in terms of interest rate

LoansJagat helps you grab the best deal in terms of personal loan interest rates so that you can make a well-informed decision. The borrower can also get to know about other additional charges like processing fees and the hidden charges if any to know about the final cost of the loan to them.

  • Get access to multiple lenders under one roof

Being a strong network of over 40 leading banks and NBFCs, loansJagat ensures you can choose from amongst the best without having to visit the individual online portal or physically going to each lender to know about their offerings.

  • Easy application process

Online personal loan application on LoansJagat is easy and ask the borrowers to fill in a simple form with their KYC and financial information. One can do it from their smartphones or computers from the comfort of their homes.

  • Online and transparent processing

Being an online platform, LoansJagat ensures the whole processing is transparent and seamless. They also give an option to the borrowers to choose for the offline mode based upon one’s convenience.

  • Data Privacy

LoansJagat upholds whole sole responsibility of your private information which you enter into their portal and ensures total data privacy. There is no data selling activities or spamming and 100 per cent confidentiality is maintained.

  • Free services for consumers

LoansJagat services are free for loan applicants. Being an authorised partner of key lenders, they do not charge anything from the consumers.


The application process for a personal loan at LoansJagat is easy, simple and convenient. The loan applicant needs to follow the below-given points.

  • Check for eligibility

The foremost step is to check your eligibility for the personal loan. Different lenders have different criteria laid which the borrower must comply with to get their loan application processed. One can check for their eligibility through LoansJagat portal by entering details viz. name,  PAN number, mobile number and email id along with the loan requirements. One can also use their eligibility calculator to do so.

  • Get offer from lenders

On account of your eligibility and loan requirements mentioned in the above step, various lenders will send their offers to you. You can compare different lenders for their offerings in terms of rate of interest, loan amount, loan tenure etc and choose the one which best suits their needs and requirements.

  • Apply for a personal loan

Once you have zeroed in on the lender, simply apply for the personal loan through them by filling the personal loan application form and submitting the documents on the LoansJagat portal itself. A dedicated relationship officer will get in touch with you who will take your loan journey forward by ensuring communication and assisting in solving any doubt or query.

  • Loan disbursal

LoansJagat ensures quick loan disbursal. Their process is transparent and automated and hence allows easy tracking of loan application through their online portal. The disbursal of loan amount occurs directly into the bank account.

LoansJagat is your one-stop-shop for a personal loan and its myriad of loan products. They are clear in their approach and have smooth working which ensures quick and smooth loan processing experience. Thus, apply for a personal loan through LoansJagat and get access to lenders offering their best bet.

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