7 Things to Know About your PAN Migration

7 Things to Know About your PAN Migration

Here are the 7 basic things everyone must know about pan Card Migration.

1. What is the meaning of PAN migration?

Pan card transfer is the method of moving from the current AO to a different AO that has authority over the new permanent address. The new AO will manage income tax returns (ITRs), which were sent by the assesses according to the new address.

2. Why will PAN be transferred if residential address is changed?

It is very complicated for you to interact with the assessor when you alter your residential address in the case of conflicts. It is often difficult for the AO to analyze the tax details as it does not very conveniently provide all the details you need. Therefore, in which authority your address comes, you are to get your PAN transferred.

3. How will the evaluator adjust if the residential address is changed?

In order to adjust the appraisal officer because of an adjust of permanent address, the following process must be followed:

  • You will have to submit an application to this AO to switch your PAN to the current AO.
  • For this update, the request must be submitted to the current AO to the destination (new) AO.
  • The AO source (current) will approve the order for transfer.
  • If the AO approves the submission, the submission for clarification is submitted to the present Income Tax Commissioner.
  • The PAN is transferred to the competence of the destination AO until accepted.
  • If the AO source not accepts the request, the transfer is blocked and the AO target cannot do anything about the application.

4. Can you move the PAN without the existing assessing officer approving a transfer request?

Sure, an assessee may transfer their PAN from the present AO to a new AO on the grounds that their behaviour is not competent or that they do not successfully discharge them or prolong the procedure.

5. Where should I change Pan Card details?

When you decide to update your Pan Card in detail, you will take the following basic steps:

  • Visit the https:/www.tin-nsdl.com site of NSDL.
  • In the “Services” category, tap on “PAN”.
  • In “Change / Correct PAN Data,” press down on “Apply”
  • Submit an application and make an online payment. It will be submitted successfully.
  • A URN (Update Request Number) receipt will be given and will be used to check the application status of your Pan Card.
  • Your Pan card is sent to your new address after it is accepted.

6. How does the applicant know about the migration of the PAN to the current AO?

The PAN’s existing status of the jurisdictional AO can be reviewed by clicking on the “KNOW YOUR JURISDICTIONAL AO” page,
https://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/home .

7. Is a mobile PAN migration app available?

The newly released Aaykar Setu mobile app of the I-T department provides the PAN migration alternative. You must click on the ‘Get a Question’ button on the front page to move your PAN using the Device. You can see the migration option of the PAN when you press. All the details on PAN migration can be found here.

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