5 Best Personal Loan Providers for Government Employees

The eligibility criteria of personal loans depend a lot on one’s employment. Salaried employees are preferred by the lenders as they have a regular income which assures the lenders of timely repayments. The lender also takes your employer into consideration. Bigger private sector firms and MNCs have an edge over the smaller unknown firms. Government […]

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How not to Invest in 2020

An important aspect of living for a secured future is to have some great investments which will give flourish and manifold. However, due to lack of clear vision, one often falls prey to poor investments which sometimes even results in loses. With careful planning and research, one can improve their finances and grab some great […]

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LoansJagat Personal Loan: An Honest Review for Customers

With the lending market witnessing the entrance of many loan enablers, LoansJagat has remained a name which offers an excellent platform for the borrowers to choose the lender for personal loans and various other loan products. Here is an honest review of LoansJagat personal loan so that you can make a wise and calculated decision. […]

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Top 10 Personal Loan Finance companies in India – 2020

A personal loan is slowly and steadily becoming the most sought after loan in the lending market. These short term and collateral-free loans have everything that a borrower needs. There are several banks, financial institutions and NBFCs who offer personal loans to the applicants at a competitive rate of interest. LoansJagat acts as the perfect […]

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Know the actual cost of your Personal loan

What invokes the need for Personal loans? There are a lot of needs which can comply with you to apply for a personal loan in India. So Personal loans can come into your handy anytime you want. Are you facing some current financial trouble and want to fix it as soon as possible? Well, taking […]

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