7 Things to Know About your PAN Migration

Here are the 7 basic things everyone must know about pan Card Migration. 1. What is the meaning of PAN migration? Pan card transfer is the method of moving from the current AO to a different AO that has authority over the new permanent address. The new AO will manage income tax returns (ITRs), which […]

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Understanding the New Limit for Tax Audits

The government is leaving no stone unturned to promote young entrepreneurs. From launching new schemes to programs, the government is pushing them so they can grow and achieve success. Programs like Startup India Action Plan offers an excellent platform for the innovation laden young business proposals to manifest into successful businesses. While big businesses build […]

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How to Raise Tax Refund Request?

Taxes are the way through which the government derives the money to run the country, help those who need, provide social welfare and work on several development schemes. Paying taxes is not just a legal necessity but also a duty of every citizen of the country who earns money. However, as the salaried professionals get […]

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