Top 10 Private Banks in India 2020

The banking sector over the years has grown exponentially. Many private banks have entered the market and have proven themselves by offering commendable services and products. Though all the banks are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India, different banks have their own set of rules and offer different offerings in terms of interest rate, […]

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Understanding Revolving Personal Lines of Credit from NBFCs

While individuals need funds to cater to various financial emergencies like catering to medical situations, wedding in the family or even sponsoring higher education for self or kids. The funds might also be required for things like buying a car. Similarly, businesses need funds to meet their day to day business requirements or to invest […]

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Loans linked with External Benchmarks

In a recent development, the Reserve Bank of India stated that October 1, 2019, onwards, any loan be it a personal loan, housing loan or even an auto loan will now be integrated to one of the 4 external benchmarks stated by the RBI. Vide a circular issued by the Reserve Bank dated September 4, […]

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LoansJagat CricLoan Contest 2019

Welcome to the LoansJagat CricLoan Contest 2019.  Starting 26th May, the early bird registrations can be done till 29th May 2019 and the live contest begins along with the biggest international cricket championship on 30th May 2019. Register in the CricLoan Contest 2019 and you may get to win exciting rewards this Cricket season from […]

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