LoansJagat CricLoan Contest 2019

CricLoan Contest 2019

Welcome to the LoansJagat CricLoan Contest 2019. 

Starting 26th May, the early bird registrations can be done till 29th May 2019 and the live contest begins along with the biggest international cricket championship on 30th May 2019.

Register in the CricLoan Contest 2019 and you may get to win exciting rewards this Cricket season from LoansJagat.

About CricLoan Contest

CricLoan Contest 2019 celebrates the festival of Cricket in this Cricket loving country and offers a chance to win exciting rewards. To participate one just needs to register for the campaign by clicking on the “Register Now” Tab on the contest page located on the LoansJagat website

Upon successful registration one can start to answer the simple questions related to the biggest cricketing championship, the cumulative score which will be the sum of all correct answers shall be submitted for the final draw.

During the contest period, LoansJagat will post one question per match based on the current championship. Thus, LoansJagat may post 2 questions for 2 matches in a single day and one needs to answer these questions within the provided timeframe of every question.

LoansJagat will be posting 48 questions, which might be connected to the 48 matches in the biggest ongoing cricket championship, the correct answers will help you to get exciting rewards from LoansJagat which includes the grand prize of a Round Trip Ticket to London to cheer for the Team India. So get going and play CricLoan Contest 2019 with LoansJagat and celebrate the favourite sport of India like never before.

Enjoy the CricLoan Contest 2019 even more by challenging your friends and family on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. The more you participate and challenge, the better are your chances of winning the exciting rewards from LoansJagat.

Here are the several rewards of the contest:

Reward 1: Free ITR Filing

Get free professional ITR Filing service from LoansJagat by answering any 7 correct answers throughout the CricLoan Contest 2019.

The free ITR filing service is applicable to all salaried personnel with an income up to INR 50 Lacs per annum and the business owners with the business turnover up to INR 20 Lacs per annum.

Reward 2:  Discount Coupons for ITR Filing

Get qualified for 50% off on professional ITR Filing service from LoansJagat by answering any 7 correct answers throughout the CricLoan Contest 2019

The 50% discount on ITR filing service is applicable to all salaried professionals with a salary of more than INR 50 Lacs per annum and the business owners with a business turnover of more than 20 lacs per annum and less than 1crore. For business owners with a business turnover of more than 1 crore will be rewarded with 20% discount on ITR filing services.  The fee chart for professional ITR filing service by LoansJagat is as follows:

Fee Chart for Salaried

Salary Package p.a. Professional Fees 50% Discount Fees to be paid  
50 lacs – 70 lacs 5000/- 2500/- 2500/-  
70.1 lacs – 90 lacs 7000/- 3500/- 3500/-  
90.1 lacs – 1.50 Cr 15000/- 7500/- 7500/-  

Fee Chart for Businesses

Business Turnover Professional Fees Discount Coupon Fees to be paid  
20.1 lacs-40 lacs 3000/- 1500/- 1500/-  
40.1 lacs-60 lacs 5000/- 2500/- 2500/-  
60.1 lacs- 1 Cr 8000/- 4000/- 4000/-  
>1 Cr Variable 20% Flat Variable-20%off

Reward 3: Zero Fee on Loan

CricLoan Contest 2019 provides this amazing opportunity to get a waiver up to 100% on the processing fee of the loan enabled by LoansJagat.

While one has to pay a processing fee on loans from Banks and NBFCs ranging from 0.5% of the loan amount to as high as 3% of the loan amount depending on the lender and the loan type. The CricLoan Contest 2019 by LoansJagat provides the opportunity to get amazing discounts on the loan processing fee, the discounts are applicable for an entire year and are valid till 30th June 2020.

Here’s a quick grid to understand the discounts applicable on the processing fee of loans enabled by LoansJagat during the CricLoan Contest 2019.

Number of CORRECT Predictions/Answers   Processing Fees Discount (Personal Loan/Business Loan) Processing Fees Discount (Home Loan) Processing Fees Discount (Loan Against Property)
10 Correct Answers 25% 20% 15%
15 Correct Answers 50%   40% 30%
20 Correct Answers 75%   60% 45%
25 Correct Answers (ZERO FEE LOAN) 100% 80% 60%
30 Correct Answers (Zero FEE LOAN) 100% 100% 100%

For Instance, for Personal Loan,if you answer any 10 questions correctly during the CricLoan Contest 2019, you are eligible for a 25% discount on the processing fee of your loan. Similarly, you may get 75% off on the processing fee upon answering any 20 questions correctly and eventually, one may get complete or 100% processing fee waiver by answering 25 questions correctly during the CricLoan Contest 2019.

Note: The maximum discount fee on the processing fee for any loan obtained using LoansJagat platform in INR 50,000.

Reward 4: Fly to London

The CricLoan Contest 2019 brought to you by LoansJagat provides this one in a lifetime opportunity to get a fully paid travel to London and back to cheer for our country in the biggest carnival of Cricket.

All one needs to do is to answer any 40 questions asked during the CricLoan Contest 2019 and get chance to win the trip to London and see the dreams come true.

Key Details:

  • Even those who have qualified for Reward 1 will also qualify for the higher rewards depending upon the correct answers during the CricLoan Contest 2019.
  • Participants can join the contest anytime before the 41st question is asked to be able to achieve Reward 1, a total of 48 questions will be asked through the contest.
  • The professional ITR filling will be handled by a team of Chartered Accountants along with proper guidance and support
  • 20 Random winners will be selected every day using an electronic draw for the reward that offers discounted ITR filing.
  • Those who do not qualify for the draw will also be eligible for the next days draw to ensure maximum chances
  • The discounts on loan processing are valid till 30th June 2020 for all future loan requirements
  • All loans have to be applied using the LoansJagat platform for availing the discounts on processing fee.
  • All rewards will be reimbursed separately as a credit in the bank account

LoansJagat looks forward to your participation in the CricLoan Contest 2019 and wishes all the best to Team India and each one of us.

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